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Please fill out the following information

Student's Full Name: Grade Applied For:
Date Of Birth: Country Of Birth:
Nationality: Passport No.:
Religion: Place Of Issue:
Resident Permit No.: Date Of Issue:

List Of Schools your son/daughter has attended from 6 years old.

If any brother / sister studying in this school

Mention if the child is allergic to any drugs.

Parents / Guardian Information:

Name of parent/guardian:
Address for correspondence: (P.O.Box #:) City:
Postal Code: Home Tell:
Name of the employer / Organization:
Postal Code: City
P.O. Box: Tel. No. Work:
Tel. Residence: Fax No. Work:
Other Tel. Incase of Emergency:

Documents Required

1- 4 Photographs 4cm x 6cm
2- Copy of birth certificate
3- Health certificate
4- Copy of passport for student and / or parent or guardian
5- Copy of saudi national identification card or residence permit
6- Certificate from previous school ( not required for kindergarten)
7- Map of your residence location
8- Emergency telephone number(s) and person to contact

Agree And Register

I declare that all the above information is true and accurate and any missinformation may cause the cancellation of the application at any time, without obligationi on the part of school, for payment of tuition fees are very known to me, the payment will be annual not pr month, then i promise to adhere to the payment mode and pay the fees regularly on time, till the end of the school close.